How to Sell My Home in Vietnam? Sell to Homebase Instantly, Hassle-free!

Dec 7, 2021

Sell My Home in Vietnam

“How to sell my home in Vietnam easily” is a common question many existing homeowners want to solve. What do I do if I’m overseas? How long does it take to fully transfer ownership rights to another buyer? Is the cost of selling my home in Vietnam high?

Homebase can help you resolve these problems easily and worry-free. Forget about complex selling processes, selling directly to Homebase is the shortcut you need without having to find an agent. To do so, simply tell us about your property, we’ll give you an offer, and close and get paid in cash within 72 hours - it’s that easy! Discover how we enable a smooth experience in this article using our Sell to Homebase service.

What is Sell to Homebase?

A way to quickly sell your property and receive instant cash, “Sell to Homebase” is best suited if you want to get instant liquidity. This can save you from the common hassles and issues you may face when you go through the traditional selling process in Vietnam.

Can foreigners sell properties in Vietnam?

The short answer is: Yes. You can either transfer ownership rights to domestic or foreign recipients that include individual and organizational buyers. In 2015, the Vietnamese government passed Decree No. 99/2015/ND-CP that allowed these activities to take place.

The problems with property selling in Vietnam

By and large, property selling remains a lengthy and complex process in Vietnam.

To successfully sell and receive cash payment, you have to go through a long procedure:

  1. Re-list to put your property for sales on websites,
  2. Cleaning up your home and making relevant repairs,
  3. Taking professional photos of the property,
  4. Finding agents who can charge up to 3-4% in fees,
  5. Wait for potential buyers to contact,
  6. Having many random people visit your property,
  7. Dealing back-and-forth with interested buyers,
  8. Completing necessary paperwork,
  9. Handing over,
  10. Receiving cash for your transaction,
  11. Figuring out how to move it to your home country.

There is no definite time to close the deal, but it could take up to 3-4 months. To speed up the affair, you can hire agents or other third-party intermediaries to expedite the process for you, but that comes with additional hassle, trust, and costs involved.

In addition, without guidance, individual sellers can face frauds and low property liquidity. This is why working with a real estate market leader like Homebase to instantly sell your property is a more efficient way of doing business.

How Sell to Homebase works

Sell to Homebase is an innovative way to instantly sell your property and get paid in cash within 72 hours. We offer a simple process to work with us. Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Fill in information & get contacted. You’ll need to list down your property’s information and our team will work on it. We’ll contact you if that property is eligible for our plans. (But don’t worry: Homebase accepts almost every type of property in the market).
  2. Get a cash offer. We use market data and valuation methods to determine the most accurate price. After that, we’ll contact you to further proceed with the deal.
  3. Sell to Homebase and get instant cash. Once finished, you can receive an all-cash payment for your property within 3 working days.

How does Homebase help sell my home in Vietnam fast?

With this in mind, our “Sell to Homebase” plan is aimed to resolve these difficulties of property selling for you. We make this substantially easier by these three advantages:

Offering a simpler process to save time

As sellers, you don’t have to go through the common process of listings and showings above. Once your property gets approved, there are only a few simple steps to sell it to us. You can get your money within a short period of time, within 72 hours!

In contrast, if you follow the traditional route to property sales, it can take up to 6 months before you can receive cash for your house. For investors, Homebase helps you seize an opportunity right when you see it instead of waiting for a devastatingly long period. For homeowners, getting instant payment enables future purchase much more conveniently.

Paying you instantly in cash

In Vietnam, cash payments are still the norm of real estate purchases. If you want to liquidate your property fast, we can buy your house and pay you in cash within 72 hours. This will allow you to refinance, purchase other properties or simply save up for later.

Helping you save more by cutting off the agent fee

No agents, no more costs. Homebase will work with other stakeholders to sell your property later, but you only need to work directly with us.

Agent fees can take up a huge portion of your expenses. With Homebase, you can entirely cut off this amount.

Properties that qualify for Sell to Homebase

Homebase accepts most common property types in the market. Currently, we’ll work with:

Vietnam is one of the most attractive destinations for foreign investment, with Ho Chi Minh city being the biggest commercial hub in the country. Therefore, if you have a property to be listed for sales here, we can buy it immediately in cash for you.

How property price is determined

We’ll make our deal based on these types of information you provide:

Here’s a more detailed explanation of how we accurately value your property’s worth, using the seven-most common principles in the market.

Why Homebase?

Homebase is a prominent real estate investment and technology company founded in Singapore, backed by multibillion-dollar investment funds from throughout the world including Antler, Y Combinator, and VinaCapital. Our Sell to Homebase model that offers instant liquidity to property sellers follows those of proven companies like Opendoor and Offerpad in the United States.

We’ve also recently announced a 30-million USD round of fundraising to make homeownership more accessible to more customers across Southeast Asia.

Skip the hassle of selling your home with Homebase today!

Selling your home in Vietnam is a frustrating and stressful process that could involve tons of fees, intermediaries, and property visits - selling to Homebase makes this way easier! Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about the topic.

You can contact us by phone/Zalo/WA at (+84) 964 245 404 or email at contact@gethomebase.com.

We’re looking forward to working with you!

Learn more about Homebase at https://homebase.com.vn/.View our frequently asked questions at https://homebase.com.vn/faq.

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