Life at Homebase: Eliott Tran - UX/UI Designer

Oct 26, 2021

Life at Homebase: Eliott Tran - UX/UI Designer

Eliott is a 25-year-old UX/UI Designer at Homebase. He came to Homebase looking for a more stable work environment and is now an essential member of the Homebase’s Design team. Eliott emphasizes the importance of work relationships and enjoys the support of his fellow employees.

In this interview, we’ll learn more about Eliott’s journey at Homebase, his valuable experiences, and some obstacles he encountered while working in the COVID era.

What made you want to join Homebase?

The first thing I saw of Homebase were some pictures of people having fun while doing work. Having fun wouldn’t be the first thing I thought of, nor is it something I base my decision to work on. However, I realized that everything is so much easier when you can have fun while having a large workload. That concept is just appealing to me.

Could you give us an exciting or funny moment you’ve experienced in Homebase?

Sadly, when I joined Homebase, the lockdown had already started, which meant I spent all my time working from home. However, I can still recall a funny moment when we were playing a drawing game for a morning warm-up session. Each person was given something to draw, and others had to guess what it was. My word was “eagle,” but I didn’t know how to draw an eagle, so I just drew a straight line with a circle at one end. “What is that supposed to be? A bird?”, one of my fellow employees asked. I smiled at their remark. In the end, nobody got it. We enjoyed the game together a lot.

What’s one difficult thing about working from home?

My schedule gets messed up. When you go to work in person, you have some morning routines before work to wake your day up and some other ones after work, when you get home. Now we’re just at home all the time; it gets a bit confusing with our messed-up schedule. Yet, there are still good things, such as you could just go rest for a bit and then come back to work, no one will manage that choice.

How do you think working at Homebase has helped you in your future career path?

I can do a lot of stuff now, from posters to web design. Working here has helped me explore different types of design in-depth, and I’ve become more proficient in all of these skills, which would be helpful in the future.

What’s something that you think you have only learned at Homebase?

I’ve gotten more independent since working here. It probably has something to do with the nature of the company. You are kind of on your own in the company to do well and get raises. Although there are always people you can reach out for help, a lot of work is done by yourself.

What would you share with people who are considering joining Homebase?

Why not join Homebase? I enjoy the friendly working environment here, and I think it would suit a lot of people. Personally, since I joined Homebase, having fun while working has been an essential part. I like having some fun while working because it gives me a chance to socialize, take breaks to work at my best ability, and have something to look forward to. If that is what you’re looking for in a job, Homebase is the perfect place for that.

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