Life at Homebase: Jane Nguyen - HR Junior Executive

Oct 26, 2021

Life at Homebase: Jane Nguyen - HR Junior Executive

Jane has been working at Homebase in the HR department for more than 10 months. Some of her work includes recruiting and managing meetings with the co-founders. She loves interacting with people and taking care of those around her, and these qualities make her the perfect fit for the HR department. Aside from that, Jane likes to play video games and learn new languages. Right now, she knows English and Vietnamese and is starting to pick up Japanese to support her career path.

Could you go into more detail about what you do at Homebase?

I worked as an HR intern. What I do includes recruitment, working with the co-founders for team meetings, employee development, and schedules. We are strict and selective with our recruitment. We don’t only look for skilled people, but also someone good at English. Some people might have great skills but lack the necessary English proficiency. That’s a look into what I do here.

What made you want to go into HR in the first place?

I started HR at the beginning of university. I picked a general major that allowed me to basically try everything. After exploring different subjects, I realized HR was the best fit for me. It brings me joy to work with people, to help them, and especially I can be the one who leads the onboarding process which is pretty exciting. It’s a great position, and I think I’ll stick with it after graduation.

What do you see the company as in the future?

I don’t know much about real estate in Vietnam, so I don’t have a typical answer. However, during my time at Homebase, the team has grown so much to earn a really solid position in the market. The company has a great solution for homebuyers, so hopefully, more people will know of Homebase and join the team in a few years to create more impactful solutions for the homeownership ecosystem in the region.

Is it hard to balance your schoolwork with Homebase?

Homebase offers really flexible schedules for interns, so I can match my schedule here to the time I have left from school easily. Because of this, balancing the loads isn’t a huge deal for me.

What do you like best about Homebase?

I really like how the team gave me many opportunities to learn about my department and how patient they were with me, even though I didn’t know much at the beginning. I had to learn everything from scratch, from recruiting to training new interns. This is important because, in big companies, they don’t help you like this, and they simply do screenings and give minimal support to help you learn. It’s way more interactive here, and I appreciate all the hands-on work I get to do.

What’s one thing you’ve learned while working here?

I've learned that spirit is important. We always try to resolve problems right when they surface, often giving a new and improved version. This is especially helpful in my department because we interact with people a lot and need help with emails, contacts, etc. Having a team there to help you makes everything more productive.

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