Life at Homebase: Jessiny Ly - Finance Intern

Oct 26, 2021

Life at Homebase: Jessiny Ly - Finance Intern

Jessiny is currently a Finance and Accounting student at Texas Christian University. She is also a part of the Neeley Fellows business honors program - one of the most prestigious programs at her school. After working as a remote Finance and Accounting intern at Homebase for over two months, Jessiny is proud to have gained a lot of knowledge. Continuing her journey here, she is eager to learn even more about the real estate market in Vietnam.

In this interview, we’ll learn more about how Jessiny balances work and school, some of her projects, and her perspectives of Homebase.

Can you go into more detail about what you do at Homebase? Your current projects?

As an accountant at Homebase, we must utilize technology to do as much automation as possible. We have an entire payment reminder script built by our engineering team. By installing software, we can send automated payment reminder emails and receipts to customers. Not too long ago, we realized that there were some improvements we could make with these scripts. For example, customer payments need a more detailed breakdown to avoid confusion from customers. I’ve been working with the accounting and engineering team to roll out the improvements, and I’ve learned a lot in the process.

What do you envision the company to be in the future?

I truly believe that Homebase will undoubtedly do well. I am really impressed with the people working here. At the start of my internship, Homebase claimed to have the best talents, and I’ve learned this to be true. Not only does everyone have their individual strengths, but they are also great team players. At Homebase, we help each other move forward by peer-teaching, so no one gets left behind. Mistakes are inevitable, but because everyone has been so understanding and helpful, I’ve grown and learned so much from them. Homebase promises to give the younger generation an easier path to homeownership in Southeast Asia. With a competent and talented team, they will undoubtedly deliver that promise.

What do you like most about Homebase?

Every day, we have a bonding session where everyone in the company participates in games, and this helps break the ice and let everyone get to know their teammates on a personal level. Through these events, I’ve elevated relationships from mere colleagues to good friends, entirely online. It’s amazing what these activities can achieve, so kudos to the HR team.

What made you want to join Homebase?

I actually knew some people who worked at Homebase before joining. They all had great reviews about the work environment here. Later, I became more curious about the company when seeing a recruitment post. I was completely fascinated by their novel mission after watching a fantastic video of Homebase online. After that, I decided to go for an interview, and here I am.

What’s a funny or exciting experience you’ve had so far?

When people think of accountants, they typically think of people who just sit around looking at sheets. However, at Homebase, I get to work on the aforementioned automation utilizing technology and engineering. That, to me, was like a math problem integrated with different aspects of business!

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