Life at Homebase: Kim Nguyen - Business Development Executive

Oct 26, 2021

Life at Homebase: Kim Nguyen - Business Development Executive

Kim started working for Homebase as an intern while attending the International School of Business in Ho Chi Minh City. She has worked with Homebase for more than one year and has been promoted many times, so she is now a Business Development Executive. She was one of the first employees to work here, with the co-founders being some of the only people who have worked here for longer than her. Because of her experience, she is given the nicknames “Chief of Interns” and “Head of Interns” by the Homebase team.

In this interview, we’ll learn more about the challenges Kim faces as an employee and a student, her journey at Homebase, and her future plans.

Was it hard to balance your work and school at first?

Yes, it was a big challenge. Since I was terrible at time management, balancing classes, clubs, activities, and Homebase was hard. My school load was already heavy and time-consuming, so I had to push myself to 200% capacity to finish everything on time. However, my workload has been much better since classes stopped. As I have gained more experience in the working field, I can manage my time more efficiently. It gets easier.

How do you think working at Homebase has helped your future career path?

When I was looking for jobs, a startup wasn’t what I had in mind. Coincidentally, I found Homebase and fell in love. In a startup, the departmental workload isn’t clearly defined in just marketing; I also had hands-on experience with a wide range of responsibilities in the company. Homebase has helped me develop my interpersonal skills and knowledge in the industry and apply theoretical knowledge at school to a real-life working environment.

What do you envision the company to be in the future?

At the start, I didn’t know anything about startups or imagine myself working at one. I simply preferred stableness in my work. However, as I started working at Homebase, I discovered the term “unicorn.” I envision Homebase in the future as a unicorn - its mission is unique. Not only do they have a talented team dedicated to the development of the company and the market, but they also have such a great working environment.

Could you share a funny or exciting moment you’ve experienced while working?

I think that the most exciting moments were when I closed deals for Homebase. I have closed six deals so far, which are tremendous achievements for the company and me. With every transaction, I felt a ton of stress being lifted from my shoulders. I’m pretty young and still shy with strangers, so I didn’t even dare to think about convincing strangers to buy our product, especially for a startup with ideas as novel as Homebase’s. Obviously, I faced many challenges trying to close the deals, but those experiences were super rewarding in the end.

What is something you learned to do to overcome challenges at work?

Being patient. I’m an impatient person, so dealing with problems can be frustrating. It’s hard to explain Homebase’s very novel mission to potential customers. On top of that, I had to translate it from English to Vietnamese for our clients, who are most likely familiar with the traditional homeownership way and skeptical of innovations, to understand. At times, clients might get confused with some parts of the agreement, so I had to continuously find better ways of explaining the same concept. Eventually, I learned to be patient.                                                                                                                                                

What do you like most about Homebase? How do you think it can improve?

What I like most about Homebase are the people and the working environment. The team is our biggest strength. Everyone here is friendly, passionate, and they always work hard to improve themselves. Not only does each person thrive to improve, but the team also pushes each other to be better.

What’s something you have only learned at Homebase?

The team’s working spirit and interpersonal interactions. We are a family, we’re friends, and we all respect each other’s opinions. We work together to help one another grow. The working spirit is very respectful and sincere, which you don’t often see happening in workplaces.

What would you share with someone who wants to join Homebase?

Just join Homebase! You’ll see how amazing it is to work here. Every workspace has its pros and cons. If you want to have a good working environment where everyone listens to you and your ideas, then Homebase is the place for you. You’ll feel supported and respected here.

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