Life at Homebase: Phung Huynh - Legal Intern

Oct 26, 2021

Life at Homebase: Phung Huynh - Legal Intern

Phung has been working part-time as a legal intern at Homebase for more than three months while finishing her final year in university. Outside of work, she really likes to read and meditate.

Is it hard balancing your work with school?

Kind of because I’m in my final year and have a lot of tests and assignments. I have a sizeable load here at Homebase too, but I try my best to balance both.

Could you describe what you do at Homebase in more detail?

I work as a legal intern at Homebase. I have tasks like doing legal research, getting legal documents, and such. A typical task would be contacting the local government to get the papers I need.

What do you think the company will look like in a few years?

I think that Homebase will grow fast.

What made you want to go into the legal field at Homebase?

I majored in international trade, and I wanted to join a company where people can get lots of practical skills and communicate with each other. I also want to improve my English, and here we can communicate in English a lot.

Is there a funny or exciting moment you’ve experienced at Homebase so far?

Of course! There are lots of those moments here at Homebase. I specifically remember when one of the co-founders found mistakes in our English writing and decided to arrange training sessions for us, and I thought that was very sweet.

What do you like about working at Homebase?

I like that my coworkers here really help and support me. I’m in the legal department, but sometimes I’m assigned some documents from other departments. I really appreciate that my coworkers would always help me right away with these.

How do you think that working at Homebase has helped your future career path?

It has helped me to get more practical knowledge in the legal field and allowed me to gain more skills to become a good lawyer in the future. My dream is to work in an international law firm, so this experience has been really helpful.

What are some changes to working from home?

Working from home can be really flexible, more so than going to the office in terms of time. However, I like to meet people, so it feels different when seeing people online. Going to the office gives you more opportunities to interact with others, and being online can sometimes get boring. I live alone, so although nothing disturbs me, it can get lonely.

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