Life at Homebase: Skylar Le - HR Intern

Oct 26, 2021

Life at Homebase: Skylar Le - HR Intern

Skylar has been working as an HR intern at Homebase for around six months. She likes to sleep because rest helps her to refresh. She also enjoys exploring other cultures and meeting new people, which is a part of why she chose to join Homebase. Now, she gets to work with many people from so many different places.

Could you go into more detail about what you do in Homebase?

I’m an HR intern, and part of my job is to help recruit new members for the team. I also keep track of the team’s experiences here, and make sure everything runs smoothly. If there’s feedback, we use it to improve our daily routine.

How’s your work from your point of view?

Working with the team is much easier for me. We all know each other and I can freely express myself in such a friendly environment. This type of behaviour isn’t necessarily appropriate with outsiders I work with since there are certain protocols I have to follow. I work better with the team at Homebase because of this.

Were there any obstacles that you encountered?

You have to be very nice to the customers. You can’t yell or lose your patience, which is hard when some of them don’t read the requirements we send. I actually learned that you need to be kind to people because they won’t necessarily know the things you know.

What do you envision the company as in the future?

I haven’t thought about that much. I’m the kind of person who “lives in the moment” and I just try to do my best here and now. However, I do believe that Homebase will achieve many great things in the future and expand to all Southeast Asian countries.

What made you want to come to Homebase?

I worked elsewhere for almost a year as an exchange consultant, which was similar to my HR role now. The reason I wanted to apply to Homebase was because I felt the need to broaden my experience in the professional world. I got two offers, and I decided to  choose Homebase because their way of thinking appealed to me. Before the interview, I had a whole list of general questions and answers prepared in my mind, but during the interview I didn’t get any of those questions. Instead, the founders wanted to know more about me and how I see things. Basically, not your usual interview questions. So I thought that if the interviews were like this, they must be pretty flexible as well.

What’s a funny or exciting moment you’ve experienced at Homebase?

One of the reasons I really enjoy working here is because we can connect with all the other employees, and a lot of my good memories come from that. We’ve eaten hot pot, gone to a karaoke lounge, and many other places together as a big group of friends. I don’t mind which places we go to, I just value the time we spend. Also, people have bought me bubble tea.

What’s a project you’re currently working on? What do you think about it?

Right now, we have many open positions like content marketing, video production, video development, etc.. I’ve been working with another HR intern to help recruit people to our team. This is a crucial process because I believe that people are the greatest asset to the company.

How do you think working at Homebase has helped your future career path?

I’m quite young now, and I’m trying to find my passion. Right now, I’m really interested in HR with a short term goal of becoming  a tele-inquisitor at some sort of agency. Working as an HR intern at Homebase gives me many opportunities to reach my goal by learning many necessary skills. This is something I wouldn’t be able to do at big companies because of the stricter department separations.

What are some of the most important things you’ve learned from working at Homebase?

Self discipline. You need to stick to what you do and be responsible for it, even if you face obstacles. You have to overcome these, not just say “I’ll do it later” and run away.

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