Chau: Making land ownership in Bao Loc stress-free

Oct 26, 2021

Chau: Making land ownership in Bao Loc stress-free

For Chau Nguyen, the CEO and Co-founder of Urbanist Travel, a well-known travel platform based in Vietnam, seeing the hidden gems of the country has been a part of the job. Her work experience has taken her to visit the hidden, untouched locations of Vietnam’s beautiful and rugged landscapes -  giving her not only unique cultural experiences, but sometimes also very unique opportunities to invest in Vietnam’s future growth.

With one such unique opportunity to invest in land in Bảo Lộc, a rapidly developing area not far from the popular resort city of Da Lat, Chau and her husband decided to take a leap of faith and finally make an investment into Vietnam’s rapidly growing real estate market.

But despite having the beautiful piece of land that they fell in love with and intended to buy, the next steps were not so clear. Real estate agents who offered to “close the deal” weren’t always transparent about the process. “There were plenty of financial considerations as well - did we need to take a bank loan? Should we use our limited funds to buy one property or spread it around to cheaper, higher-risk plots? Did we want to live on the property or just invest?” adds Chau. The due diligence process and the land’s ownership history were incomplete and missing crucial pieces at best.

After being introduced to Homebase by a friend, Chau and her husband gained more confidence to proceed with the process.

Because of the co-investment nature of Homebase’s financing schemes "Buy with Installment", Homebase would be a fellow stakeholder in the purchased land, and therefore, cared as much about its security, and history as they would.

Chau says, “For us, this was an important element because instead of assessing the value and risk of the property on our own, Homebase sent one of their estate experts to audit it — based on profit potential, legal/paperwork and quality —before we went ahead with the transaction.” Moreover, Homebase was able to customize a financing plan for her to buy a piece of land, something that more traditional financing options could not do.

In the end, co-investing alongside Homebase allowed Chau and her family to make their property investment fully worry-free, and with financing secured.

"For my husband and I, who knew we wanted to make our stake in Vietnam's lucrative real estate market, Homebase was the key to unlocking access to capital and demystifying the land ownership process."

Chau is among the successful investors that Homebase had the privilege to support. If you're an aspiring real estate investor like her, don't hesitate to contact us for assistance!

We're available at phone/Zalo/WA at (+84) 964 245 404 or email at contact@gethomebase.com. Homebase looks forward to working with you!

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